Creating a non-profit 501c3

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  • Simple 501s If you are forming a community non-profit organization whose prime objective is to empower a group such as kids, veterans, homeless, etc. and the non-profit doesn’t plan to do any economic development, no housing projects, or any of the other listed below. $560.00 $600.00
  • Church/Community Org. 501s If your new non-profit is a church or a religious. 
  • Health/Social Issues 501s If your non-profit is formed to help/assist those with medical, mental, and social needs. 
  • Schools & Community Centers or Groups 501s Charter schools, religious institutions, colleges, civic groups, and political groups. 
  • Groups involved in housing and community building and empowerment.
  • Economic Development 501s Groups involved in economic empowerment within the communities—creation of jobs, training, etc.
  • Trust and Foundations 501s Organizations that are set-up by individuals or groups to help the needs of others. 
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