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 Includes a 15-minute

one-on-one debrief 


Everyone you encounter is motivated differently, communicates differently, and views tasks and relationships differently. the Maxwell DISC Profile Workshop will help you achieve greater success when you learn to value your strengths as well as those of others.





Your individual personality affects every aspect of your life.

Where do you fall?

 Understanding the DISC assessment report you have at your disposal is a critical and invaluable tool.


Case Studies

What some of our DISC clients saying?

"I highly recommend this personality assessment! The information was fantastic! The online test itself is quick to take. I found the results both accurate and comprehensive. The results opened my eyes to some things about myself I had not seen and, at the same time, reiterated what I knew about myself. My husband also took the disc test and his results gave me a better understanding in how he functions and how best to effectively communicate with him. Even after 31 years of marriage, I still learned new levels and depths to my husband and myself. One of the benefits of this test can be marriage enrichment, as some of the test results address communication styles and how best to communicate with other personalities.

In addition, it is beneficial to have a certified disc coach go over the results with you and fully explain the pie graphs. Doing this brings a more comprehensive understanding in how the different personalities interact. This knowledge should be beneficial in not only the workplace but in other area’s such as relationships and friendships."

Michelle M., CA 

"I took the DISC assessment with the intention of making myself more familiar with how I relate to others and to discover in a deeper way “what makes me tick”. I believe that in understanding myself with more clarity I can relate to and communicate with others more effectively. The accuracy of this assessment and the in depth review of it exceeded my expectations. Vince Morales guided me in a review of the assessment and was able to clearly explain to me what the assessment was saying and what that meant in my every day life. This review, in itself, held so much value. I am walking away with insight that will be an asset to me. I have learned things about myself that I can now use to leverage growth and positive interaction not only at work but also at home. I’m going to be recommending this assessment and review to my family and friends!"

Joy S., PA 

"I am somewhat a self-aware person, and I thought I knew quite a bit about myself. Once I took the assessment, I realized there was much more to learn. I found the DISC assessment to be clear, concise, and user-friendly. I enjoyed the process of taking the assessment and did not have any difficulty with it. I was thrilled when I got my results. This is a high-quality assessment, and the John Maxwell Team did it right! The amount of insight and information you receive in my opinion is priceless. It empowers you to know yourself to a greater depth. I found that you get way more than your money's worth. Coach Vince, of Zoe Transformation Coaching & Consulting, is amazing, and he did an excellent job with the review. He was helpful, knowledgeable, insightful and empowering. I am glad I “chose me” and got this assessment done. If you are alive and breathing, I recommend this to you!"

Megan H., PA 


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